Our experience

We are a small company and work with a limited number of clients at any one time to ensure we can give them the support they need.

We’ve worked with clients, large and small, in the private, public and third sectors and are proud of the reputation we’ve built over many years.

All our work comes from referrals. We don’t advertise, we don’t enter awards and we don’t spend a lot of time on business development – we just focus on doing the best job for our clients. You won’t find us posting on Facebook or Instagram, or tweeting about ourselves – we believe our job is to advise our clients, not compete with them for attention.

Our experience includes working in sectors which can be politically sensitive and we’re not afraid of a challenge. We won’t hesitate to tell you if we think you’re taking the wrong path. It’s that level of honesty which has helped us earn an enviable reputation in our field.

We have particular expertise in aquaculture, renewable energy and infrastructure projects. We’ve managed many community consultations to support a wide and diverse range of developments – from a pumped storage hydro scheme to a new town.